What are the similarities between lecturing and presenting?

PresentingIt is easy to notice some of the differences between lecturing and presenting; Lectures typically involve a much bigger audience, have a more consistent format and the objective is almost always based on students learning from a subject matter expert. But actually there are significant similarities between the two;

In both cases, the authority of the speaker is best developed through personal power rather than positional power. A strong voice, assertive body language, good pace, audience rapport, clear objectives and using engaging language are key elements to the best lectures and presentations.

Both presentations and lectures often benefit from greater interaction but this is not always developed effectively. With the right skills, interaction can be both encouraged and managed in a way that stimulates audience interest.

Both situations also demand that the WHY question is addressed – Why is this important, or why should I listen? Lecturers and business presenters often fall into the common trap of assuming that the audience know the answer to this question or that it is not worthy of inclusion. “Start with why” is normally a very good bet.

Whether you are talking to 5 people or 500 people, presentation or lecture, 7 of the 10 core communication skills needed to make the talk a success are similar.

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