Presenting Skills in action


Voice speed and pausing.

Ken Robinson

Hear how the voice pace is well matched with the message and filler words are avoided.


Voice projection and tonality.

Oprah Winfrey

In this inspiring talk by Oprah, the voice is clear, resonant and conveys authority.


Body language-message.

Ruth Chang and Cassie De Pecol

See how open, assertive and expressive body language enhances the content.


Body language-rapport.

Kate Raworth & Brene Brown

Good eye contact and open palms help deepen rapport and audience connection.


Audience Connection.

Dan Ariely

This talk starts with engaging questions to build interest with the audience.


Head and Heart.

Alexander Betts

Evocative visuals and values links are combined with facts and logic to add impact.


Visual Media.

Dilip Ratha

Relevant, clear and impactful slides are used to help support the desired message.


Structure and Planning.

Ruth Chang

This talk gets attention, is easy to follow and builds towards a strong conclusion


Audience Interaction.

Rob Hayes

Get the Presenter’s Pack to get tips on how to encourage and handle questions.


Making it interesting and engaging.

Ken Robinson

Humour is used brilliantly as a way to connect with the audience, prior to making key points.