Why Presenting Change?

Whether it’s a conference speech, a lecture, a sales pitch, a funding request, a research report, a TED talk or a project update, your reputation and credibility are at stake when you present. Indeed, when you consider how many problems in business and society today could be solved by better communication skills, the ability to speak with confidence, connection and impact assumes huge importance. Such skills cross all boundaries, whatever your role, age or location.

Many training companies suggest it takes a long time to acquire these skills. Presenting Change thinks differently, and our aim is to help you achieve the greatest possible improvement in the shortest possible time.

Presenting Change gives back 10% of  profits to help support the 3C Academy which is our enterprise that helps young people to develop confidence, well-being and communication skills.


What does Presenting Change do?

Presenting Change is a specialist training agency, underpinned by 23 years of experience and insight.

Using our unique 10 skills framework, we provide resources, video aids and specialist coaching for individuals and groups who want to improve their presentation or teaching skills.

If you are serious about improving your presentation skills then you should work with Presenting Change. The skills framework and resources are excellent and the improvement, even for experienced presenters, is remarkable.
Anne Ashe, Network Rail

What do people say about us?

Clients like Roche, Unilever, Network Rail, University of Exeter and Aegis Media have consistently commented on the quality, value, professionalism and impact of our coaching work.  The 10 skills framework and our video tutorials are praised for their ease of use, relevance, and depth of knowledge. But we know we can never get complacent and strive to improve further.

All the design and delivery is managed by Rob Hayes who is consistently rated as the one of the very best presentation skills coaches. All our coaching work is guaranteed; if you are not satisfied, you don’t pay.

Rob’s coaching for my keynote speech was the best investment we will make in the company this year.
Robert Philpott, former CEO of Synovate

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How can we help you?

Wherever you are in the world and whatever your role, if you want to know how to increase your confidence, engagement or influence when speaking to groups, then you are in the right place.

Most people prefer to benefit from our Presenter’s Pack or Lecturer’s Pack as a very effective and easy way to develop their knowledge and skills. These Packs are probably the best value and most comprehensive of any self-development presentation and lecturing skills opportunity available.  And we also offer superb remote coaching and bespoke workshops

Presenting Change has helped a huge range of people, from CEO’s to engineers, students to accountants and doctors to salespeople.

Presenter’s Pack and Lecturer’s Pack

These two quality learning packs include membership and exclusive access to:

A 16 page skills guide explaining each skill in detail (available as high quality download), packed with practical tips and suggestions.
Unlimited access to all 10 video tutorials, that demonstrate and deepen your knowledge of how to apply each skill. 

Free newsletter with tips and examples to help with a range of communication scenarios.
Preferential access to bonus video tutorials as they become available.
A chance to request a topic for a future video tutorial.

10% discount on a 1:1 remote coaching session
Special introductory price of only £30 + VAT (£36)


Knowledge, proven skills and tips to improve any business presentation, conference talk or speech.


Specialist skills for lecturers to enhance student engagement, interaction and knowledge transfer.

Speaker's corner

This talk tells a simple but powerful story of turning a problem into a solution. Clear voice, strong body language, simple visuals and comparative analogies help convey the meaning.

Quote of the month

Simplification is the ultimate sophisticationLeonardo DaVinci

Tip of the month

Have a look at a good app called “Explain Everything”- it is an interactive whiteboard app that allows you to visualize, create, collaborate and share information. It has a range of business and academic applications.